Facebook Marketing Tips: For Better Content!

Facebook has become more tricky nowadays because of its algorithms. Sometimes you find yourself frustrated on low user engagement which can affect your business and your SEO strategies.


But, no worries, here are some great marketing tips for you deal with those algorithms and make your content stand out.



Show the most relevant content at the right time.

Doing this will keep users coming back and create more engagement. You need to understand your audience. Some trial and error can help you find the right blend.


Likes, comments and shares affect page rank.

The more likes, comments and shares you get on your page, the higher your page rank will be. This is will make your page more visible to potential target audiences.


Facebook Live!

Facebook has decided to put more focus on Facebook Live videos,it"s a good idea to utilize it to get more reach and engagement. You have to post videos directly on Facebook rather than providing an offsite link. A lot of people just hate to be taken to other places and would just rather stay on the current page they"re viewing.


Utilize Facebook features.

Take advantage of features such as “Pages to watch" which can allow you see your competitor"s page and other people in your industry. You can check their content and get some inspiration on why their page has an increased popularity.

Use Social Media Tools

You can use some tools that can curate your content on Facebook such as PostPlanner. You can be able to view popular content based on different categories. It gives you a view of what kind of content appeals to most users.




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