Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Social media has become quite popular in our modern world. Different people from different age groups are using social apps which are considered to be a good way of communicating. For marketers, this is definitely a piece of good news because it can make their social media marketing campaign more effective.


However, along with time, social media has also evolved and it"s vital to be informed to create some efficient strategies. Here the trends for 2016 according to some experts:


#1 A preference for buying on social media platforms.

Social selling will be more convenient for social media users by the use of the “buy" button. They would also be more encouraged in buying it instantly as soon as they see it online.


#2 More personalized content.

Marketers will be more willing to provided content that caters to customer"s value and experience. More companies would be dependent on social media tools to create a more human engagement with social media users.

#3 Wearable devices.

Wearable tech such as Apple Watch can play a large role in social media and content marketing. This calls for more responsive layouts and better content construction.


#4 Long form content.

Long form content can keep readers where they should be and not in some pop-up anywhere. This would be applicable to more blogs who want their readers to get the answers that they need.


#5 Hyperlocal

There is an expected development of hyperlocal private social networks such as NextDoor. Google Maps in particular is becoming more like a social app for you can add photos and reviews.


#6 Key to Social Success

Social media marketers need the ability to create inspiring content which can be easily discovered.

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