SEO For Your Small Business in Jacksonville


As a small business owner, it"s your ultimate goal to gain enough revenue to make your business grow and make your brand be known to your potential targets. You have a superb product or service but if you don"t outshine your competitors, you would definitely fall behind. It"s important to have a great marketing strategy to promote your business excellently. For a small business though, you might have restricted budget so, you might think hard about what marketing strategy is the most appropriate one for you.

A great option that you could go for is local SEO in Jacksonville. SEO can give a nice boost to your business making it possible to become a success. Here are amazing benefits that you can get from SEO:

Cost-efficient and reaps great results. As a small business owner, over-the-top marketing campaigns might be off your list due to budget constraint. You can"t afford to splurge your money on something that you"re not sure of being effective. On the other hand, SEO is not that expensive and it can provide fast results than paid media ads. You can expect increased traffic on your website which can mean an increase in your potential customers as well.

seo2Improved sales. As mentioned before, with SEO, you can have an increase in potential customers who will pay attention to your products and/or services. This could also eventually lead to improved sales and even occasions of repeat business. If people see that what you offer can be the solution to their problem or could be something they"re looking for, expect to see increasing numbers.

High page ranking. Having a high page ranking is pretty important nowadays for it"s considered to be a major factor for search engines. Search engines will immediately see our website to be reliable once it acquires a high page ranking. What"s more, a high page ranking can guarantee you a spot on the first page results. Rarely can you see people browsing the second page for their search.

Reputable brand. Your brand defines your business and what you offer. With SEO, you can be able to have a reliable website and high page ranking which can also make your brand look reputable. People will see your business to be something that they could trust in terms of quality and service.

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Facebook Marketing Tips: For Better Content!

Facebook has become more tricky nowadays because of its algorithms. Sometimes you find yourself frustrated on low user engagement which can affect your business and your SEO strategies.


But, no worries, here are some great marketing tips for you deal with those algorithms and make your content stand out.



Show the most relevant content at the right time.

Doing this will keep users coming back and create more engagement. You need to understand your audience. Some trial and error can help you find the right blend.


Likes, comments and shares affect page rank.

The more likes, comments and shares you get on your page, the higher your page rank will be. This is will make your page more visible to potential target audiences.


Facebook Live!

Facebook has decided to put more focus on Facebook Live videos,it"s a good idea to utilize it to get more reach and engagement. You have to post videos directly on Facebook rather than providing an offsite link. A lot of people just hate to be taken to other places and would just rather stay on the current page they"re viewing.


Utilize Facebook features.

Take advantage of features such as “Pages to watch" which can allow you see your competitor"s page and other people in your industry. You can check their content and get some inspiration on why their page has an increased popularity.

Use Social Media Tools

You can use some tools that can curate your content on Facebook such as PostPlanner. You can be able to view popular content based on different categories. It gives you a view of what kind of content appeals to most users.




Looking At Effective Marketing Options In Tallahassee, Florida


Tallahassee is a city that has plenty of competition no matter what business you are in, and if you want to get ahead, that means looking at your options and understanding what can work for you and what types of marketing or advertising you should ignore. Take a look at the following article, and it will set you on the right track!


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a strong online presence is crucial, and local optimization is far different than writing a general topic blog to be seen nationally or internationally. A truly good website that is promoted properly with SEO for Tallahassee will be able to get a business into those all important top 3 Google map spots when someone searches for your brand or service. Everyone looks online so don"t overlook the power of local online marketing in Tallahassee.

Local Online Advertising

SEO is the long-term game but sometimes you need to drum up new clients right now, and local advertising can do that. Specially focused Facebook ads, other social media advertising, and Google AdWords are just some of the online advertising options that can get clients now and that work to get attention and brand your business.

Bathroom Advertising

Where"s the one place you"re not staring at a smartphone? Advertising at eye level above the urinals in popular bars, restaurants, and other public bathroom locations is a prominent and often inexpensive way to get attention from individuals looking for something (anything) to focus on.

Local Radio Isn"t Bad

While ignoring phone books and newspaper advertising is relevant as times have changed, local radio stations can still be instrumental. Don"t be afraid to negotiate for the best possible rates and spend a little bit to get professionals to put together a professional commercial. You"ll be amazed at the results.

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Organic Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be overwhelming especially for some beginners. It has a different set of rules than other social media platforms which can be confusing at the start. However, Twitter is definitely one of the top social media platforms that marketers need to consider.


Hiring a marketing team can be a bit expensive especially for some start-ups or small business owners. There is always an option in using organic methods if you want to save some money. Here are some marketing tips in growing your Twitter account organically:


Use short form hashtags.

Short form hashtags such as, #funny or #awesome, can work really well versus long form ones. Not a lot people would be using or searching for really long ones such #idontknowwhatimdoing.

Power of hashtags

Once you thought of a hashtag that you could relate to your brand, you can have the ability to use that hashtag to check others who use the same one. You can try to favorite their posts, follow or tweet them. Even celebrities and very large companies do this to grow their accounts.


Keep following!

Following is a good way to organically grow your twitter account. Every time you follow or retweet, it can send some notifications or it would show up on users" timelines. Most people would be curious of who follows them and would follow back. This is necessary if you want to increase your brand"s exposure and awareness.


Be sure to have good content.

You need to have good content to create more engagement. People could retweet your post, favorite your post or even follow you. You don"t even need to spend a dime on advertising if you do this.


Post regularly.

You need to post regulary around three times a day because Twitter is a very active community with people who use the app almost everyday. Staying active is very important and using tool such as Buffer can create a huge impact. If you can"t post even once a day, then don"t bother on creating a Twitter account.

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Social media has become quite popular in our modern world. Different people from different age groups are using social apps which are considered to be a good way of communicating. For marketers, this is definitely a piece of good news because it can make their social media marketing campaign more effective.


However, along with time, social media has also evolved and it"s vital to be informed to create some efficient strategies. Here the trends for 2016 according to some experts:


#1 A preference for buying on social media platforms.

Social selling will be more convenient for social media users by the use of the “buy" button. They would also be more encouraged in buying it instantly as soon as they see it online.


#2 More personalized content.

Marketers will be more willing to provided content that caters to customer"s value and experience. More companies would be dependent on social media tools to create a more human engagement with social media users.

#3 Wearable devices.

Wearable tech such as Apple Watch can play a large role in social media and content marketing. This calls for more responsive layouts and better content construction.


#4 Long form content.

Long form content can keep readers where they should be and not in some pop-up anywhere. This would be applicable to more blogs who want their readers to get the answers that they need.


#5 Hyperlocal

There is an expected development of hyperlocal private social networks such as NextDoor. Google Maps in particular is becoming more like a social app for you can add photos and reviews.


#6 Key to Social Success

Social media marketers need the ability to create inspiring content which can be easily discovered.